Welcome to the Future of Productivity with Your Custom MS Teams Apps

Custom MS Teams Apps integrated with AI-powered Co-pilot, Power BI analytics, exceptional User Experience (UX), and Data-driven insights. Revolutionise how your business communicates, collaborates, and grows without cutting-edge solutions.

Unleash the Power of AI and Co-pilot in MS Teams

Imagine having and intelligent virtual assistant at your fingertips during every Teams meeting, presentation, or brainstorming session.

Our AI-powered Co-pilot not only enhances your conversations but also streamlines your workflows. It assists you in real-time, suggesting relevant documents, actionable insights, and even anticipating your next move.

Say goodbye to informational overload and hello to seamless, focused interactions

Elevate User Experience to Unprecedented Heights

User Experience is at the forefront of everything we do. Our Custom MS Teams solutions are designed to provide an intuitive and delightful experience for every team member.

Say goodbye to cluttered interfaces and hello to streamlined, personalised workspaces and dashboards. Tailor your Teams environment to match your unique preferences and workflows, ensuring maximum efficiency and engagement.

Why Choose Custom MS Teams with AI, Power BI, UX, and Data?

  • Expertise of a Microsoft Partner: Leverage our in-depth knowledge and experience to implement a solution tailored to your needs
  • Seamless Integration: Enjoy a cohesive ecosystem where AI, Power BI, UX, And Data converge effortlessly within MS Teams
  • Boosted Productivity: Empower your teams to work smarter, not harder, with AI assistance, data insights, and streamlined UX
  • Informed Decision-Making: Make strategic choices backed by real-time data, turning insights into action. Future-Ready Collaboration: Stay ahead of the curve by embracing innovative technologies that drive growth and success

Empower Your Strategy with Data-Driven Insights

Data-driven decision-making has never been this accessible.

With Custom MS Teams Apps & 3rd Party Integrations, your organisation can tap into the goldmine of insights hidden within your systems and operations. Measure engagement, track project progress, and uncover opportunities for improvement.

Seamlessly integrate your collaboration data with other business systems to gain a holistic view of your operations, enabling you to steer your strategies confidently.

Harness the Insights of Power BI

Data is the heartbeat of your business, and with Custom MS Teams, you can now visualise and analyse your data like never before.

Our integration with Power BI empowers you to transform raw data into stunning visuals and meaningful reports directly within the Teams environment. Make informed decisions, track key performance indicators, and identify trends withe ease, all while staying within the collaboration platform you already know and love.

Are you ready to experience the future of collaboration?

Help employees live your values through your own MS Teams App

Enhance your employees collaboration, experience and performance with an MS Teams App

MS Teams Apps Help Keep Your Employees Engaged & Retained

Recent research indicates that a staggering 85% of employees feel disengaged at work, while 79% leave their jobs due to lack of recognition. On the other hand, companies with healthy cultures are shown to be 60% more profitable.


Feel disengaged at work right now


Companies with healthy cultures are 60% more profitable


Leave their jobs from lack of recognition


88% of job seekers say that a healthy culture at work is vital for success

MS Teams Apps Can Help You:

Here are just some benefits of an MS Teams App

  • Embed your Employee Value Proposition
  • Create a culture of providing feedback
  • Support Development in a Hybrid Working World
  • Ensure your people feel part of a Purpose Driven organisation
  • Employees connect your values to their daily work
  • Leverage data to provide insight and effectively enable the development of your people

Bring your Company Values & Culture to life with MS Teams Apps

Harnessing the power of the Microsoft Platform, our custom solutions empower HR & People leaders like you to foster a thriving work environment, cultivate employee engagement, and drive organisational success like never before.


An easy-to-use evaluator for employees to rank how confident they are in living & demonstrating key values & behaviours

Meeting Support

Drive greater collaboration and engagement with features that support your meetings to drive efficiency

Feedback Loops

Transform your feedback culture. Enable individuals to effortlessly request timely and targeted feedback from peers.

Behavioural Nudges

Personalised content through leveraging intelligent analysis of individual roles, focus areas, and journey stages to provide relevant information


Advanced analytics integrated into custom Microsoft Teams apps, empowering you to make data-driven decisions

Our Work with an MS Teams App

At Vidatec, we are experts in creating exceptional end-user experiences across Mobile & Web. Now, we’re bringing our expertise to the world of MS Teams Apps, offering you a solution that drives your company’s desired culture throughout your organisation. Our MS Teams Apps leverage the capabilities of MS Teams to support the development of your people, creating a cultural foundation to embed key values and behaviours.

Let’s bring your company values & culture to life

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Working with Ambitious Brands to Deliver Digital Products

Complexity made simple through a flexible partnership, accelerating digital ambitions.

What we do

We partner with businesses to build digital products, scale dedicated tech teams and solve the most complex of technology challenges.

From embedded teams, mobile and web app development, systems integrations and more, we use proven processes to deliver at pace.

Why us?

People are at the heart of everything we do. We have been delivering successful digital products for over 15 years and work with some of the most recognisable brands.

Our amazing team of experts focus on building long lasting relationships through truly understanding your unique business challenge and creating optimal solutions.

We help clients

  • 1. Increase Revenues
  • 2. Reduce Cost
  • 3. Manage Risk
  • 4. Improve customer and employee experience
  • 5. Reduce Technical Debt

What our clients say

From design stage to go-live, the team at Vidatec have brought our vision to life. They built a platform that is versatile, unique, and ever-improving.

We are delighted to have worked with Vidatec on the launch of our new platform and would recommend them to anybody.

Caroline McKenna, CEO/Founder

Vidatec have helped us get beyond the technology providing innovative solutions architecture as well as the essential business logic we now rely on for the Capture app to deliver exceptional performance. Which means our partners can continue to deliver value and service our 750,000 investors remotely. We truly value the trusted partnership we have built up with Vidatec over the years, we continue to collaborate and deliver as one team.

Matt Hall, Head of Digital Experience

The ‘Caring Together’ app that Vidatec co-designed with us was produced following a very rapid development process, and all managed with online meetings during lockdown. We had regular and very helpful catch-up meetings to ensure my team were kept informed of progress and timelines.

Vidatec’s approach was incredibly impressive.

Dr Liz Forbat, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences

Vidatec helped us to develop Explore at pace – from drawing board to beta testing in just a few weeks – with a laser focus on delivering a great user experience for busy front-line workers. Their agility, commitment to working in partnership and iterative approach was exactly what this project needed.

Ross Esplin, Insights Customer and Digital Director

The results are fantastic; a really convenient, easy-to-use package of resources with just the right levels of gamification for young people and clear management for coaches. The app also encourages parents and guardians to interact with their children’s experiences and progress – which leads to increased junior membership and hopefully a few more adults joining golf clubs too!

Calum McPherson, Founder & Managing Director

It has been fabulous to work with an outside company and they have really inspired us. They’ve focused on making sure that the system is bespoke; that we really have exactly what we need.

Carol Herity, Customer Services & Relationships Manager

Vidatec has been developing and supporting our digital surveying solution for over 3 years. We have very much enjoyed working with them and have been impressed with their professional and innovative approach. The solution they developed for us is critical to the safeguarding of the public and our reputation.

Royal Botanic Gardens,

Our services

Helping you develop digital experiences that improve lives

Industries we work with

We work with clients across a range of industry sectors, all at varying stages of their digital transformation.

Helping you develop digital experiences that improve lives

Food & Beverage

Digital Transformation is offering new solutions for greater transparency and healthier options for consumers.

Working with the Food & Beverage industry

Big trends challenging this sector include regeneration, upcycling, biodiverse and organic farming. It will see food production continue to rise per consumer demand; so speed-to-market, quality control and safety must all be a part of this process. The application of technology in the food and beverage industry is growing in five areas:

  • Automation
  • Sustainability
  • Personalisation
  • Experience design
  • Supply Chain

Transparency into how food is made remains a real challenge to the food businesses. With today’s instant access to information, if consumers can’t understand or find out where and how a product is made and what’s in it, they’ll be more inclined to leave it behind in search of alternative products. We believe there is a role for mobile and web solutions that can help organisations offer more transparency and healthier options for consumers.

Helping you develop digital experiences that improve lives

Education & Learning

From customer experience and operational process to creating new business models, we can help you be responsive to the market and get ahead of the competition.

Working with the Education & Learning industry

Education continues to evolve, with new trends in technology making it easier to create customised learning experiences. This allows pupils and students of different learning types to learn in the way most appropriate to them, be it through interactive games, modelling tools, video production, and so on.

Understanding the role of advanced analytics, AI and machine learning to establish individual learning offers real opportunities. We love to challenge and explore new areas for mobile and web technologies and believe that customised solutions could satisfy accessibility, security and IoT needs within education and learning environments both academic and business.

Helping you develop digital experiences that improve lives

Travel & Hospitality

Whatever stop you’re at in your digital transformation journey, we can help.

Working in Travel & Hospitality

Travel companies are looking to improve the customer experience and create a wow effect to provoke word of mouth.

Key challenges to achieve this can include:

  • Improving personalised services.
  • Lack of brand awareness.
  • An abundance of information available to consumers.

With mobile-first and mobile-only brands continuing to grow, customers can do practically anything on their phone, from checking in—to ordering room service—to unlocking the room door itself.

Within hospitality related businesses, they are discovering mobile devices fit their strategic vision, operational methods and budgets better than computers. Business owners/leaders in this sector are looking for new ways to increasing their channels of engagement and thereby opening up new methods of communication with their customers.

Helping you develop digital experiences that improve lives

Public Sector

Accelerating digital transformation in public services and the Government.

Working with the Public Sector

As technology evolves so do consumer expectations. Public-facing organisations of all kinds have no option but to adapt. Citizens, clients and customers alike demand access to services without barriers or friction. They expect digital journeys to be quick, simple and personal. Providing support to the public via digital services has rapidly become the new normal for government, health and social care bodies.

Digital progress in the public sector has been described as “painfully slow” in the past, but the challenges presented by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdown have accelerated transformation plans.

Understanding the complexities of an organisations IT eco-system, legacy technologies, technical debt, cyber-security requirements, implications of GDPR compliance as well as how to apply and integrate new mobile & web technologies is key to ensure public services are delivered seamlessly once launched. The ability to rapidly scale the solution, provide high availability as well as being responsive to user feedback is also essential to ensure seamless roll-out to the public and key stakeholders within the community.

The ability to tailor service level agreements as well as provide on-going support for the apps with minimum to no disruption to service delivery is all part of our public service offering.

Helping you develop digital experiences that improve lives