Our services

As the world starts to open back up, could an app help your business get back up and running? Let us shift your business to digital.

Mobile & Web strategy

To establish your strategic direction and scope of your solution we start by understanding your current state and digital ambition.

We conduct a mobile or web design and technology review. We explore user journeys, personas and design system, providing you with a report that includes samples of  key screens, a high level plan and budget.

UX/UI Design

Our team of mobile app design and developers collaborate across all UX process stages, from conceptualisation to implementation. We build digital experiences from scratch, and can also audit and redesign existing solutions. We apply our design thinking and technology background, as well as our understanding of human behaviour, to deliver engaging experiences for your customers and employees.

We offer clients complete flexibility with options to suit every budget, with full function prototypes developed and user testing to ensure your solution and key feature set meets your end-user needs as well as any industry regulatory requirements.

Software Engineering

As a custom mobile and web application developer company we make use of an extensive set of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools for projects of any scale and complexity. Our areas of expertise include web development, API integrations, Content Management Systems, eCommerce development, app development for mobile & web, mobile device management, cloud and hosting.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance (QA) testing stage is delivered hand in hand with the development, with iterative testing carried out on developed features. All to ensure your application is ready for release.

We also perform independent user acceptance testing (UAT) on behalf of clients. Where needed the Vidatec QA team can facilitate workshops to provide support when creating the UAT team, understanding its role and demonstrating how to test and sign-off software when its deemed fit for purpose.

Operations support

While modern applications can be simple to use, behind the scenes there can be a complex array of microservices, APIs and other backend services, meaning a lot of things can potentially go wrong. 

Our support team safeguards your web or mobile solution’s entire eco system giving you peace of mind, reducing downtime and ensuring high availability. Our clients know their trusted brand is in safe hands with access to technical expertise available during business hours, Monday to Friday, supplemented with our ticketing management system means our clients can chat/email or raise a ticket with our technical support team. We also provide a bi-annual service review for optimisation.

We offer out of hours support on our tiered support service should your app remain critical in extended hours covering evening and weekends or even 24/7.

Our process

We work with our clients in a strategic partnership, and can support you throughout the process, or as and when you require.


Mobile & Web Strategy

Rapid Prototyping




Mobile & Web Strategy

Our talented team invest in understanding your brand, customers and digital ambition. Getting under the skin of your current approach and challenges helps us map out the ultimate experience for your users.

Rapid Prototyping

We can shape and develop your ideas using interactive screens to fully functional prototypes with the aim to validate your minimum value proposition (MVP) before development can begin. Validating with user testing and usability audits where AA compliance is required.


Monitoring and managing performance of the application is key to increasing user adoption and improving the user experience.


Using the very latest in technology we develop customised solutions to meet your unique end-user needs as well as your in-house technical requirements and capability. We make sure delivery and implementation is seamless.


Our support team safeguards your web or mobile solution’s entire eco system giving clients peace of mind reducing downtime and ensuring high availability.

Core Technologies

  • Web Development
  • API Integrations
  • CMS
  • eCommerce Development
  • App Development
  • Progressive Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • IoT
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Cloud & Hosting
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Azure Services
  • Google Cloud including Firebase Analytics
  • Cross browser & device testing

Our approach

We take the stress out of managing your project and ensure its fit for release.

Our team of mobile app designers and developers start by understanding your business needs and digital goals, exploring your personas and key target audience needs and values. The aim to create an exceptional end-user experience.  Our technical support team will be here to help beyond delivery, with a bi-annual review designed to help keep your app up to date and performing well – key to retaining your user base.

Industries we work with

Working with clients from all walks of life and all sectors, we’ve built up quite a vast knowledge of the app and web landscape. And we can bring that to your digital experience project – regardless of the industry you operate in or your user base.

What our clients say

Vidatec have helped us get beyond the technology providing innovative solutions architecture as well as the essential business logic we now rely on for the Capture app to deliver exceptional performance. Which means our partners can continue to deliver value and service our 750,000 investors remotely. We truly value the trusted partnership we have built up with Vidatec over the years, we continue to collaborate and deliver as one team.

Matt Hall, Head of Digital Experience

From design stage to go-live, the team at Vidatec have brought our vision to life. They built a platform that is versatile, unique, and ever-improving.

We are delighted to have worked with Vidatec on the launch of our new platform and would recommend them to anybody.

Caroline McKenna, CEO/Founder

The ‘Caring Together’ app that Vidatec co-designed with us was produced following a very rapid development process, and all managed with online meetings during lockdown. We had regular and very helpful catch-up meetings to ensure my team were kept informed of progress and timelines.

Vidatec’s approach was incredibly impressive.

Dr Liz Forbat, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences

The results are fantastic; a really convenient, easy-to-use package of resources with just the right levels of gamification for young people and clear management for coaches. The app also encourages parents and guardians to interact with their children’s experiences and progress – which leads to increased junior membership and hopefully a few more adults joining golf clubs too!

Calum McPherson, Founder & Managing Director

They have always been a pleasure to work with; friendly, prompt, creative and communicative throughout. Never flummoxed and always ready with a solution, I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for excellent, high-quality online development.

Luke Neima, Digital Director

Vidatec helped us to develop Explore at pace – from drawing board to beta testing in just a few weeks – with a laser focus on delivering a great user experience for busy front-line workers. Their agility, commitment to working in partnership and iterative approach was exactly what this project needed.

Ross Esplin, Insights Customer and Digital Director

It has been fabulous to work with an outside company and they have really inspired us. They’ve focused on making sure that the system is bespoke; that we really have exactly what we need.

Carol Herity, Customer Services & Relationships Manager

Vidatec has been developing and supporting our digital surveying solution for over 3 years. We have very much enjoyed working with them and have been impressed with their professional and innovative approach. The solution they developed for us is critical to the safeguarding of the public and our reputation.

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