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Based in Scotland, UK, with offices in India & the USA, Vidatec are a global mobile app and web development organisation. Our purpose is to improve people's experience of life through technology. Have an idea for a mobile app or a website? We can't wait to hear from you.

Hi, We're Vidatec

Here at Vidatec we have a simple purpose – to improve people’s experience of life through the use of technology. We’ve been around since the earliest days of the smart phone and have been at the forefront of web and mobile app development. It’s been inspiring to see the app landscape change to provide the integral and supportive tools we use across every aspect of life – and we’ve been delighted to be part of that process, developing app solutions for our clients that deliver real positive outcomes for their users.

Health & Wellbeing

Vidatec believe Health & Wellbeing is such an important part of life. We’ve been delighted to work with a range of organisations to deliver solutions that deliver personal impact with real long-term benefits, tackling some of the major issues facing us today. The apps we’ve developed cover everything from addressing addiction, promoting exercise through to encouraging healthy eating. We’ve also worked with lifestyle and experiential providers – from holiday companies to luxury shopping experiences – it’s important to unwind too!

Social Good

Like most people, here at Vidatec we like to make positive changes in the world, even if they’re small. Through the use of our innovatively designed solutions, we’re helping our clients successfully improve society in a number of ways – improved social care delivery, supporting local government services, enabling access to health services, to name a few! We work collaboratively with several public sector clients to design the solutions that meet the needs of their end users.

A Better Working World

We believe it’s just as vital to have positive experiences in your working life as in your personal time. After all, we spend a long time at our workplaces! The solutions we’ve developed for our clients include people development tools, employee engagement apps, business resilience and security solutions and many more. The enterprise apps we’ve developed support and enable people to carry out their roles more efficiently and with less stress – leading to a happier and more engaged work force.

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