About us

Who we are, our approach to what we do and our vision for how we improve the world around us.

Our team

We’re a talented team of individuals from UX, development, marketing, sales, finance and management. Here are some of our team players.

Nick Welch

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO at Vidatec, I’m passionate about the power of technology to create meaningful, positive change. Whether it’s working with our clients or my colleagues at Vidatec, I thrive on the collaboration and energy of working with others to solve technical challenges.

Natasha Johnston

Senior Project Manager

As Product Manager at Vidatec, I am driven by innovation and collaboration. Vidatec’s values and purpose are close to my own in that at the heart we are passionate about people and improving their experience of life. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities and every day I am in awe of the brilliance of my colleagues and the collective ability to take ideas and turn them into digital experiences that have a positive impact on people’s daily lives.

Tom Kingston

Head of Software Development

I’m passionate about delivering groundbreaking solutions with the best possible user experience, and the best possible ROI. I am excited to be a part of Vidatec’s human-centric approach, underpinned by data, and can’t wait to work together with you to deliver something amazing.

My interests are history, strategic board games, and spending time with my wonderful family.

Matt Graham

Senior UI/UX Designer

I am a senior UI/UX designer here at Vidatec. I love taking an idea from our clients and making that come to life through design. I enjoy finding out new things from every project we do.

My interests are technology, cars, film (especially Marvel) and football. I love tech podcasts and finding out about the latest advancements in the field.

Patrick Dittberner

Business Development Manager

I am passionate about sales and the relationships that come with them. Getting to know each problem and being a part of the solution while learning and understanding different business needs along the way.

When I’m not selling you will find me fishing, catching up on some rugby or spending my time with my family and friends.

Sharon Ferguson

QA Lead

As an enthusiastic QA who works alongside developers, I cast my eye over everything and anything, hunting bugs like a chameleon, but with less exertion and more success to ensure the product meets customer satisfaction.

Scott Ewart

Mobile Development Team Lead

I’m an unashamed geek and have no intention of changing that. At Vidatec I’m primarily a mobile developer, I love to create neat looking and easy to use apps that help people with their day to day. It’s a great place to work, full of some lovely people.

Pedro Nobre


I’m a mobile engineer working on the iOS and Android apps.

Prior to joining Vidatec I was a mobile developer at Magicseaweed where I helped build the surf forecast App used by thousands of surfers every day.

When I’m not reading about the latest trends in computing I spend my time with my family, surf, or travelling.

Klaudia Nemeth


I’m primarily a Mobile Developer at Vidatec, I am driven by the applications of new technologies, and I take particular pride in providing good, clean code. As a Developer, my measures are always timeliness, quality and stability.

Outside of work I enjoy cooking, cycling, travelling and ensuring the happiness of my gorgeous cat Charlie

Kym Primrose

UX/UI Designer

I work for Vidatec as a UX/UI Designer. For a designer I am very logical and scientific in my approach, being influenced by an understanding of psychology, statistics and user empathy. I love solving problems using design and helping our customers create better experiences for their audience.

Leszek Modrzejewski

Junior Developer

I have a background in finance and retail and I highly value relationships. I am motivated to work in a good atmosphere which is why I feel very comfortable at Vidatec. My professional goal is to become the best developer I can be. After work, I spend time with my family or jogging. My motto is the words of Earl Nightingale “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

Daniel Knight


I am a Full stack developer (Node/React/JS) and love working on projects that have a positive impact on peoples lives. I enjoy working with people who share a passion for the latest tech.

In my free time, I enjoy watching sports (Worlds strongest man and a big fan of Tom and Luke Stoltman, Football, Bodybuilding), going to the gym and playing guitar. I am currently creating a gym app using react native in own time.

Oskar Kuklinski


I started my journey with Vidatec as a graduate and since then I’ve gained loads of skills and experience that allowed me to work with customers and develop mobile and web solutions for them. The work culture in Vidatec is amazing with bunch of fantastic and helpful people to work with!

I’m into working out (gym rat), playing squash or football on weekends, video games, DJing and lately trying to teach myself to play piano.

Our values

Living our values helps us focus on what’s important. They’re part of what makes us different, and make sure we can deliver a great customer experience for our clients, and a great culture for our colleagues.

Be helpful

Our customers come first. By responding to their needs, understanding them and delivering way beyond their expectations, we build long-lasting and rewarding relationships.

Be brave

Have no fear. Be rebellious, be provocative. Challenge the status quo – and make a difference in the world.

Be agile

We operate in a fast-moving world. Embrace change, be nimble. Empower people’s creativity. Get moving or get left behind.

Be respectful

We believe everyone is equal and deserves respect. We listen. We care, we nurture. We have integrity. We do the right thing for our customers; and we do the right thing for our people, because they make us who we are.

Be yourself

We are genuine. Honest. You can relax and be who you are. We don’t take ourselves too seriously – but we take what we do very seriously.

Our ethos

Health & wellbeing

We might build digital products – but our focus is fixed on human ends and how our work can improve our users’ welfare.                                

Social good

Being a force for good and making a positive impact on the world around us is a key motivator in everything we do.                                

Better working world

Providing greater digital connections between employees and their organisation, we aim to help build community and improve workplace culture.

The whole experience definitely made me confident working on client projects and after meeting all the amazing people here I know if there is any problem, I know I can ask someone for help.

Oskar Kuklinski, Junior Developer

Helping you develop digital experiences that improve lives