Retail & eCommerce

Radical rethinking using digital in retail.

Working with Retail & eCommerce businesses

Digital transformation in retail is a radical rethinking of how a retailer uses technology to pursue new and improved revenue streams and new business models. New trends set to challenge the sector include:

  • AR enhances the reality of online shopping.
  • There will be a growing volume of voice search.
  • AI helps shops learn about shoppers.
  • On-site personalisation uses those insights to create individualised experiences.
  • Big data plays a big part in creating personalised experiences.
  • Chatbots improve the shopping experience.
  • Mobile shopping is still on the move.
  • Customers demand and respond to video.
  • Subscriptions to keep customers coming back.
  • Sustainability is becoming more important.

But without a doubt getting the basics right has never been harder under the current market conditions:

  • Finding the right products to sell.
  • Attracting the perfect customer.
  • Converting shoppers into paying customers.
  • Retaining customers.

Mobile eCommerce

In 2019, almost 56% of mCommerce came via smartphones – but this is set to grow to over 71% by 2023. Websites need to be faster, responsive and offer the best shopping experience possible. This means that more people than ever are researching and making purchases directly from their phone – whether that is at work during lunch, at home on the sofa, in bed at night, or on the train when commuting. People are shopping whenever and wherever the mood strikes. Make sure your brand can be found, and make sure the shopping experience is not sub-par.

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