Value Retail Guest App

Delighting guests with an end to end luxury shopping experience

Client: Value Retail
Services: React Native, Integrated CMS, Chatbot, Custom Mapping

Empowering teams to deliver excellent guest experiences

Value Retail provide luxury retail experiences to their discerning consumers in bespoke outlet villages across Europe and China. Welcoming over 40 million guests a year across their locations, delivering excellence is key. Four years ago, Value Retail began working with Vidatec to improve and enhance the digital experience they offer their guests.

The Bicester Village app project makes full use of our range of design and development capabilities, resulting in an intuitive user interface and an integrated feature set that delivers for the guest at every stage of their visit. It’s been rewarding for the Vidatec team to take the initial app from Value Retail and develop a new solution that helps them deliver the fully realised luxury experience at every stage for their guests.

The challenge

Value Retail is known for offering its guests luxury shopping experiences at each of their global locations. However, when they first began working with the Vidatec team, their existing app wasn’t in keeping with the rest of their brand. It required modernisation and the features befitting a high end, luxury retail experience.

Bicester Village Lanterns

The solution

Our design and development teams worked in close partnership with Value Retail to capture their aspirations for the app. We designed an elegant user interface with customised maps, loyalty program integration, a virtual chatbot assistant and the ability to buy services through the app. An integrated ‘Steal of the Week’ feature allows village brands to push limited time offers to guests.

The results

The new app has seen a significant rise in new and repeat visitors to Bicester Village, and increased revenue through the additional in-app services offered, as well as the loyalty program and targeted promotions. The integrated Concierge chatbot provides guests with all the information they need at their fingertips, as well as gathering feedback to drive improvements.

Overall the new app has helped to improve service to guests as well as enabling guests to give feedback directly on the app. This has not only saved time but has also helped Value Retail respond to guest feedback and identify any further areas for improvement.

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