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Stirling Council is the 9th largest council area in Scotland and features the full diverse range of Scottish landscapes within its 2,000+ square kilometres. Delivering effective and efficient services to its 94,000 residents is the council’s top priority. A common challenge across many local authorities is upgrading, replacing or working with legacy IT systems to deliver the best possible services to their residents.

The Council decided to go through CivTech, a Scottish Government initiative to drive daring and innovation in the public sector, to find a solution to its challenges. Through the CivTech process, where different companies propose solutions to real problems, Stirling Council selected the proposed Vidatec solution. Since working with Vidatec, the council has seen big improvements in customer service and an estimated savings of £1.5m!

The challenge

One of the key challenges facing many local authorities is the need to update legacy IT systems that aren’t fit for purpose, don’t take advantage of modern capabilities and hold data across multiple systems that don’t communicate. This leads to slow and inefficient handling of citizen enquiries, and frustrations for everyone involved.

Our approach

Going through the CivTech process had our team and the Stirling Council team working together to fully understand their challenge and objectives. Mapping out a solution that would help them achieve their goals, making life easier for their staff and delivering the best service to their residents.

Taking on board these challenges we created the CoDo platform, a bespoke service management solution that combines different platforms and databases into a single intuitive view of each individual. Call centre staff can now handle enquiries and access citizen history much more effectively and efficiently.

The results

CoDo has helped Stirling Council to engage with citizens directly and handle their issues and requests much more effectively. One of the key successes for CoDo lies in the fact that it was developed in close collaboration with the council and its key staff members. Their early involvement meant that Vidatec was able to design an intuitive user experience that helped staff to solve issues and handle requests much more effectively. It also meant that they feel much more invested in the platform, because they have played a crucial role in its development.

The CoDo platform won a Silver Award, in the innovation category, at the iESE Public Sector Transformation Awards in 2019.

What the client said…

“CoDo has helped us solve one of the biggest issues we’ve had, the ability to engage with our citizens directly and handle their issues and requests effectively. Our relationship with Vidatec has transformed from a supplier to a technology partner and we’re really excited to continue working together to transform the way the council handles its core operations.”

Isabel McKnight, Chief Officer Strategic Commissioning and Customer Development

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