Financial Services

Cyber-security, customer-centricity and change management can all be improved with the right digital partner.

Working in Financial Services

Companies improve their customer experience in many ways—from attracting new customers to simplifying banking. During this process, customer centricity, or a clear focus on meeting customers’ needs, is key. Customer experience drives decisioning and everything.

Changes to how customers buy with new digital tools now available, organisations are looking to develop new ways to improve the customer experience and implement an approach that enables on-going optimisation and improved performance.

Technology has changed consumer behaviours beyond all recognition. As organisations strive to survive and stand-out, the ‘digital first’ model will deliver far-reaching wins for the profession. We offer our clients the ability to develop a custom built mobile and web application quickly, enabling these organisations to be responsive to market changes in consumer demand and regulatory changes.

Vidatec have helped us get beyond the technology providing innovative solutions architecture as well as the essential business logic we now rely on for the Capture app to deliver exceptional performance. Which means our partners can continue to deliver value and service our 750,000 investors remotely. We truly value the trusted partnership we have built up with Vidatec over the years, we continue to collaborate and deliver as one team.

Matt Hall, Head of Digital Experience

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