Public Sector

Accelerating digital transformation in public services and the Government.

Working with the Public Sector

As technology evolves so do consumer expectations. Public-facing organisations of all kinds have no option but to adapt. Citizens, clients and customers alike demand access to services without barriers or friction. They expect digital journeys to be quick, simple and personal. Providing support to the public via digital services has rapidly become the new normal for government, health and social care bodies.

Digital progress in the public sector has been described as “painfully slow” in the past, but the challenges presented by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdown have accelerated transformation plans.

Understanding the complexities of an organisations IT eco-system, legacy technologies, technical debt, cyber-security requirements, implications of GDPR compliance as well as how to apply and integrate new mobile & web technologies is key to ensure public services are delivered seamlessly once launched. The ability to rapidly scale the solution, provide high availability as well as being responsive to user feedback is also essential to ensure seamless roll-out to the public and key stakeholders within the community.

The ability to tailor service level agreements as well as provide on-going support for the apps with minimum to no disruption to service delivery is all part of our public service offering.

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