Food & Beverage

Digital Transformation is offering new solutions for greater transparency and healthier options for consumers.

Working with the Food & Beverage industry

Big trends challenging this sector include regeneration, upcycling, biodiverse and organic farming. It will see food production continue to rise per consumer demand; so speed-to-market, quality control and safety must all be a part of this process. The application of technology in the food and beverage industry is growing in five areas:

  • Automation
  • Sustainability
  • Personalisation
  • Experience design
  • Supply Chain

Transparency into how food is made remains a real challenge to the food businesses. With today’s instant access to information, if consumers can’t understand or find out where and how a product is made and what’s in it, they’ll be more inclined to leave it behind in search of alternative products. We believe there is a role for mobile and web solutions that can help organisations offer more transparency and healthier options for consumers.

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