Vidatec acquires a majority stake in home care technology firm CareZapp

Published: 16/10/2018
Author: Vidatec


16th October 2018: The holistic support platform for care at home, enabling care providers to offer enhanced in-home caregiving and deliver more affordable and positive outcomes.

Mobile app and web development firm Vidatec has announced that it has acquired a majority stake in CareZapp, a cloud-based, Technology Enabled Care (TEC) platform and companion app. Partnering with innovative care providers, CareZapp’s technology is transforming care and support at home, in communities around the globe.

Founded in 2014, CareZapp, based in Dublin, Ireland is best known for leveraging the power of technology to aid people in need of additional care and support at home – whether as a result of ageing, disability or other needs – to help them live a fuller, more independent life.

The CareZapp platform works by aggregating real-time data from in-home sensors and digital devices. This data is utilised via its application framework and intelligence engine to provide meaningful notifications, alerts and insights into people’s daily activities and movements, on a 24/7/365 basis.

Alongside the platform, the companion app provides a private social network where caregivers, family and other caring professionals can collaborate and be kept informed on a person’s wellbeing, and offer personalised choice for people by connecting them to trusted local activities and services which support health and wellbeing.

To date CareZapp has successfully undertaken projects with innovative care providers in the UK, Ireland and the USA. One such partner is Cornerstone, one of Scotland’s largest social care charities that provides support to over 2,700 people including children, young people and adults with disabilities and additional support needs.

Edel Harris, chief executive for Cornerstone, discusses the positive change that CareZapp is bringing to people they support across Scotland: “Cornerstone’s charitable purpose is focused on helping people to live a valued life. Key to this is allowing people to be as independent as they can be – something that CareZapp has been integral in supporting. The platform provides valuable data that can be used to help people feel safe in their own home, while also providing peace of mind for families and those who care for them. We see CareZapp as critical to our growth and are very excited to see its future secured through Vidatec.”

Greig Johnston, CEO of Vidatec commented on the announcement: “When we launched Vidatec we had a very clear idea of where the focus of the business should lie – to harness the power of technology to improve people’s lives. By acquiring a majority stake in CareZapp we are putting those words into practice.

Johnston continued: “CareZapp is truly unique. It connects organisations, services, people and technology, enabling a holistic approach to be applied amongst personalised networks for care and support. The platform is designed for everyone and accessible everywhere, improving overall life quality, meaning citizens can feel secure in a place they call home.

“Looking to the future, we have plans for an exciting pipeline of new care apps, technology and support partnerships, to deliver even better insights, predictive and preventative services and self management.”

Andrew Macfarlane, founder and CEO at CareZapp, also commented: “This investment by Vidatec is a strong vote of confidence for the work we have done so far. With a shared purpose our journey continues, providing the opportunity to take the business to the next level, delivering access to growth capital, strong leadership support and excellent resources to drive our expansion plans.

“Together with innovative providers, we want to transform care and support at home, in communities all around the globe.”

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