Ryvita launches new FibreFit app

Published: 15/12/2020
Author: Vidatec

Ambitious campaign to target behavioural change for millions of UK adults not getting their recommended daily fibre intake


15 December 2020: Ryvita, the much-loved crispbread brand, will launch a new FibreFit app in the new year to support its campaign to raise awareness of daily fibre intake requirements. Mobile and web app specialist, Vidatec, is the developer behind the new app.

According to the British Nutrition Foundation, most people in the UK do not reach the recommended 30g of fibre intake per day. The average intake is 17.2/day for women and 20.1g/day for men.

The FibreFit campaign from Ryvita, with Davina McCall as its lead ambassador, is designed to highlight the importance of fibre for our gut health as well as offer people in the UK simple and easy ways to get more fibre into their diet through recipe inspiration and advice. Central to the campaign is the #30in30 challenge, a 30-day challenge which encourages participants to slowly build up their daily fibre intake to reach the recommended 30g.

Davina - FibreFit

The new app will be launched as a free download to support and accompany users in tracking and then gradually increasing their fibre intake to the recommended 30g. It will offer educational content around the importance of dietary fibre to gut health as a good indicator of overall health, including which foods it can be found in, tips and advice on how to up your intake with recipe ideas, and a special food scanner that can be used to scan barcodes to automatically log nutritional values via the Neilson Brandbank database.

Lucy Simmons, Digital Marketing Manager at Ryvita, said: “Ryvita is committed to helping people live healthier lives, and introducing more fibre into our diets is a critical part of that.

“During our research we found that only one in ten UK adults are eating the recommended 30g of fibre each day, so we’re on a mission to make this one in five over the next five years. This means changing the behaviour of over 6 million UK adults – this is a huge task but one that we’re determined to tackle!”

“Whether it’s scanning product barcodes or typing in your favourite foods, the app is there to help and support with recipe ideas as well as hints and tips.”

The app journey begins with a quiz that offers users the chance to find out in 60 seconds if they are getting enough daily fibre. Users will then be able to join the #30in30 challenge and use the app as their personal tracker and source of inspiration, providing helpful prompts and advice on completing the challenge.

Greig Johnson, CEO of Vidatec, said: “Health and lifestyle apps are now such a huge part of our daily lives, so they’ve got to be fun to use as well as informative and helpful. The FibreFit journey will be made easier with your personal tracker, and we love the ambition of Ryvita in targeting a positive yet simple lifestyle change that could improve health for so many adults in the UK.”

The app will be available for download from January 1st. For more information on the campaign, visit www.ryvita.co.uk/fibrefit.