Technical Expertise

We take pride in our exceptional product design and delivery. Our team of experienced developers are knowledgeable in the latest technologies and trends, which ensures that your project is designed and developed with precision.  

React Native Development

At Vidatec, our mobile developers use React Native to build powerful cross-platform apps.

React Native enables our teams to build a single codebase which compiles to both iOS and Android. As one of the most widely used cross-platform development frameworks for mobile, React Native boasts a massive global community of developers.

Key benefits:

  • Reduced time to market without the need to co-ordinate iOS and Android
  • Reduced costs due to a single codebase to develop and test
  • No issues with feature parity if one app is updated
  • Launch for iOS and Android on day-one without headaches
  • Large community support and wide industry adoption avoids vendor lock-in

Native iOS & Android Development

At Vidatec we have over a decade of experience developing native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.

While cross-platform technologies have big benefits, some industry use-cases make native app development the better choice. For applications requiring very high-performance or direct access to the devices’ operating system and hardware, developing separate native apps for both iOS and Android can sometimes outweigh the associated costs.

Whether you’re kicking off a new mobile project, revamping an existing native app, or looking to make it cross-platform, our dedicated team of native developers can support your needs.

Custom MS Teams Apps

Whether you’re looking to empower your own workforce, or target external customers, developing a Microsoft Teams app offers a unique and immediate way to reach audiences via a platform many of them use every day.

With astonishing levels of recent growth, Microsoft announced in 2022 that Teams has reached 270 million users worldwide. Thanks to its tight integration with Microsoft Workplace and Office 365, app developed for the Teams can place workflow tools, data and information a seamless click away for your audience.

Our Microsoft Teams app solutions support:

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Intuitive data dashboards
  • Data sharing with external platforms & APIs
  • Single sign-on for frictionless user access
  • Complete administrative control by your IT teams

Get in touch now to hear how you could accelerate your digital offering using Microsoft Teams.

React / Node JS

We use React and Node JavaScript to build powerful, intuitive websites and applications.

Both technologies enable rapid development, reducing your time to market while ensuring high performance websites that are scalable, reliable and search-engine friendly.

But don’t just take our word for it. In development website StackOverflow’s 2022 developer survey, JavaScript was again the most commonly used language for the 10th year running; being used by 65% of the survey’s 73,000 respondents.

  • Rapid development through sharable, re-usable code
  • SEO-friendly sites that load lightning-fast to boost your page rank
  • Huge global community of developers
  • Mobile-friendly for building responsive sites and cross-platform web apps
  • Scalable for peaks in audience traffic
  • High performance for real-time applications

APIs & 3rd Party Integrations

Our experienced development team can unlock your business assets from your existing digital solutions through API integrations, making your data available to other platforms to drive value for your organisation. By harnessing API data you can:

Empower your workforce through shared access to information & insights

Create streamlined workflows to drive business efficiency

Syndicate assets and content across multiple channels

Make your marketing materials accessible across multiple customer touchpoints

Create new web and mobile products with unique customer experiences

Agile Product & Platform Development

At Vidatec we’re adept at building bespoke web and mobile applications. But while our solutions are tailored to your needs, we believe that shouldn’t come at the cost of building products and platforms that are scalable, with the flexibility to grow with your business.

From the start of your project, our team work closely with you to understand your requirements and goals, defining a feature roadmap organised by your priorities. We then build using agile development methodology. Focussed sprints help reduce your time to market, with regular demos and reviews ensuring you are in control.

From build through go-live to post-launch, our design and development teams are invested in your success, providing you with data, analytics and insight to support future development decisions.

Infrastructure, Cloud Hosting & DevOps

By harnessing Cloud services from AWS and Microsoft Azure, we help our clients transform their digital capabilities.

Both AWS and Azure boast a range of powerful tools and services that help our teams accelerate the development process. While reduced time-to-market is a key benefit, cloud hosting boasts other advantages:

  • Reduction of hosting overheads versus traditional on-premise or dedicated hosting
  • Ensures business-critical services and data are accessible anywhere
  • Cost-effectively manages peaks in traffic, using load-balanced servers to scale capacity up or down
  • Enables replacement of clunky, monolithic legacy platforms with discrete microservices that can be independently scaled for high-performance, high-volume web applications
  • Provides access to a range of security tools with options for DDoS protection, service monitoring, alerting and intrusion detection to defeat malicious actors
  • Our cloud development expertise is backed by robust DevOps practices to help our clients release new features rapidly through Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines and test and infrastructure automation, that remove uncertainty and risk when releasing updates

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