Implementing Digital Change: Smooth Transition to Mobile

Created by: Vidatec

Published: 12.07.18

Implementing Digital Change: Smooth Transition to Mobile

Strategy not Technology

When you plan on working with a supplier to deliver your mobile strategy, the difference between success and failure can often hinge upon how well your chosen mobile supplier understands your business model and wider strategy. If your supplier does not understand the purpose and strategy behind your change, or how it will impact different departments and existing processes in the business, the mobile solution may not necessary deliver at a strategic level. Essentially, you may end up with a solution that doesn’t actually solve your problem!

To avoid this situation, it is crucial to select a mobile partner that has expertise in implementing change within a business. It takes a partnership approach, working together diligently to understand and propose a solution that is fit for purpose and has the maximum positive impact on your business.

Implementing Change

When implementing an enterprise wide mobile strategy it is important not to neglect the human factor. Introducing a digital change to a workforce takes a successful change management approach and it is important that your business and mobile partner follow a change management process from the outset. A ‘one size fits all’ approach is not effective for change management, it is important to identify the need for the change and effectively lead and manage the process to ensure a successful implementation.

Our Approach

As an effective strategic partner and expert in developing and implementing long term strategic mobility plans, we always take the time to understand our customer’s goals and need for mobility. We use our expert skills and experience to understand your business goals and help you develop and implement a successful mobile strategy.

The change management process is always at the heart of the projects we work on and by working this way we can ensure our customers are satisfied with the results.