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MS Teams Apps Help Keep Your Employees Engaged & Retained

Recent research indicates that a staggering 85% of employees feel disengaged at work, while 79% leave their jobs due to lack of recognition. On the other hand, companies with healthy cultures are shown to be 60% more profitable.


Feel disengaged at work right now


Companies with healthy cultures are 60% more profitable


Leave their jobs from lack of recognition


88% of job seekers say that a healthy culture at work is vital for success

MS Teams Apps Can Help You:

Here are just some benefits of an MS Teams App

  • Embed your Employee Value Proposition
  • Create a culture of providing feedback
  • Support Development in a Hybrid Working World
  • Ensure your people feel part of a Purpose Driven organisation
  • Employees connect your values to their daily work
  • Leverage data to provide insight and effectively enable the development of your people

Bring your Company Values & Culture to life with MS Teams Apps

Harnessing the power of the Microsoft Platform, our custom solutions empower HR & People leaders like you to foster a thriving work environment, cultivate employee engagement, and drive organisational success like never before.


An easy-to-use evaluator for employees to rank how confident they are in living & demonstrating key values & behaviours

Meeting Support

Drive greater collaboration and engagement with features that support your meetings to drive efficiency

Feedback Loops

Transform your feedback culture. Enable individuals to effortlessly request timely and targeted feedback from peers.

Behavioural Nudges

Personalised content through leveraging intelligent analysis of individual roles, focus areas, and journey stages to provide relevant information


Advanced analytics integrated into custom Microsoft Teams apps, empowering you to make data-driven decisions

Our Work with an MS Teams App

At Vidatec, we are experts in creating exceptional end-user experiences across Mobile & Web. Now, we’re bringing our expertise to the world of MS Teams Apps, offering you a solution that drives your company’s desired culture throughout your organisation. Our MS Teams Apps leverage the capabilities of MS Teams to support the development of your people, creating a cultural foundation to embed key values and behaviours.

Let’s bring your company values & culture to life