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Vidatec to develop app with the University of Stirling for Scotland’s informal carers

Created by: Vidatec

Published: 19 hours ago

Platform will support carers during the Coronavirus pandemic PRESS RELEASE 03 June 2020: Mobile app developer Vidatec is working on a new platform that will support informal carers during the Coronavirus pandemic. The company, which is headquartered in Stirling and has additional offices in Edinburgh, has partnered with the University of Stirling on a project […]

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April celebrates Stress Awareness Month – the opportunity to increase awareness on this important topic.
By Leigh McKay Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant, Workwise Wellbeing Solutions Why should organisations take notice? At this point in time the obvious answer is Covid-19 and the ramifications this pandemic has on our stress levels. Reasons to take notice run even deeper than that – when we look at the past year in the […]

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Top tips on service management for your mobile app
By Tom Thirlwall, Chief Architect   Building an app is an exciting time for any business. Your idea is being brought to life and the visual representation of all your hard work is laid out in front of you. There are, however, a number of pitfalls that a company can fall into if you are not careful, especially if […]

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What do your customers want more, Mobile Apps Vs Mobile Websites?
If you are reviewing your mobile presence you’ll be asking yourself whether you need a mobile app or a mobile website. We’re breaking down exactly what a mobile app and a mobile website are and how users prefer to interact with each of these.

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What to expect from travel and leisure apps in 2019/2020
There are few industries as focused on delivering exceptional service and exceeding customer expectations as the travel and leisure sector. Advances in digital technology, including mobile applications and digital technologies, can provide organisations with a great opportunity to reach their customers and enhance their experiences.

travel & leisure

Connecting across barriers
It’s a myth to think that we don’t need a social aspect to our working lives. Nothing is more important to us than feeling a connection. People must feel connected to one another in order to feel included and valued. In terms of mental health, nothing is more important in the workplace than preventing people from feeling isolated.


100 Days of Stack Overflow
As developers it doesn’t take long before you discover Stack Overflow.  A quick search on Google for an error message usually has links to it in the top results.  Stack Overflow, for those that don’t know what it is, is a website that allows people to post questions on coding problems they are having. In fact, […]
Translating a Design to a Flexible React Native App
React Native is one of many cross-platform frameworks that assist a developer in creating an app that utilises native UI and has a high level of code reuse between platforms. It accomplishes this by acting as a renderer on both iOS and Android for the React framework, which itself has the advantage of allowing web […]
Organisations must think smarter when it comes to enterprise application management
Growth in enterprise applications must be supported with a fluid, efficient and secure platform. The use of enterprise apps within businesses continues to explode with an estimated 60 per cent employees using apps as part of their working practices. Additionally, the latest update to the Worldwide Semiannual Mobility Spending Guide from International Data Corporation (IDC), says worldwide […]
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