What We Do

App & Web Development

Our bread and butter! We’ve worked with hundreds of customers to deliver thousands of applications across multiple channels, platforms and devices. With continual training and development supported and enabled for our developers, we make sure that the solutions we deliver take full advantage of new technologies.

Design, UX, UI & User Research

Design is at the heart of everything we do. We design to ensure the best experience for the user, regardless of the platform or device. Using a design system methodology, we make sure to deliver a consistent experience across all applicable channels. Our design team think technically and always produce work which can be delivered in code – this approach helps us work effectively with any third party stakeholders involved.

Behaviour Change Applications

Our proposition is based on making positive impacts on people’s lives through the use of technology. One of the ways we do this is by understanding the psychology behind behaviour change and habit formation that will have a long term benefits for users of the apps we develop.

Legacy Data Integrations

Whether the project involves replacing an existing app or web platform, or if it’s a brand new solution aimed at improving processes and service, Vidatec have experience of integrated existing data from multiples sources into any solution. We promise, switching to a Vidatec solution will be as seamless as possible.

Support & Maintenance

As you would expect, we’re delighted to provide ongoing support and maintenance for our customers. Get in touch by email, phone or through the online contact form.  

Rapid Prototyping

Having such a phenomenal team of developers and designers gives us the ability to produce prototype designs extremely rapidly – we’ve developed a prototype based on an initial discovery conversation in just 6 hours! Being able to physically hold and interact with an app drives up internal engagement and ensures we’re designing the right solution for the customer needs.

Multi-Channel Solutions

It’s important for many of our clients that their solutions can operate seamlessly across various channels. Users have high expectations that apps they use will function across their smart phones, tablets and desktops and we ensure that we develop our solutions to do just that.