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Implement a Digital Change: Smooth Transition to Mobile more_vert

Although change can be scary, it is often necessary and can lead to great outcomes if given the right attention. A digital strategy can significantly improve the workplace, increase efficiency, improve productivity and optimise process, but implementing a mobile strategy can be tricky!

Strategy not Technology

When you plan o…

Building A Winning Culture At Work more_vert

1. Hire the right people

Hire for passion and commitment first, experience second, and credentials third. There is no shortage of impressive CVs out there, but you should try to find people who are interested in the same things you are. You don’t want to be simply a stepping stone on an employee’s journey toward his or h…

Benefits of Cloud Computing more_vert

Cloud computing has reached every segment in our everyday life. Apple Music and Spotify allow us to listen the latest hits anywhere and anytime, files are shared with Google Drive or Dropbox, all enabled by cloud computing.

Cloud computing has also reached the financial sector: many companies have started to offer finan…

8 Uses for A Raspberry Pi In The Office more_vert

Ask any programmer/sys admin/general geek about the Raspberry Pi and they’ll most likely have heard of it. The little inexpensive computer was first designed to get kids into coding but its price and form factor have made it an ideal fit for an incredible amount of DIY projects. I’m going to look at a few project ideas that could …

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Stirling Council more_vert

Stirling Council is the 9th largest council area in Scotland at almost 2,200 km2 and includes the full range of Scottish landscapes! From the urban areas such as the city of Stirling itself, through rural farmland and the beginning of the stunning Highlands, the council covers some of the most scenic areas in the country. Delivering effective…