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8 Uses for A Raspberry Pi In The Office more_vert

Ask any programmer/sys admin/general geek about the Raspberry Pi and they’ll most likely have heard of it. The little inexpensive computer was first designed to get kids into coding but its price and form factor have made it an ideal fit for an incredible amount of DIY projects. I’m going to look at a few project ideas that could …

Chatbots can revolutionise how we fight against compulsive and addi… more_vert

The engagement competencies of ‘chatbot’ technology, will rest on the ability to inject personality into the bot itself, in order to make it more relatable to users. In turn this will have huge ramifications for industries such as the health profession, when it comes to tackling compulsive disorders, such as addiction and over-use…

Case Studies

Granta more_vert

Granta magazine was founded in 1889 by students at Cambridge University, and began life as a periodical of student politics, badinage and literary enterprise. Writers such as A.A. Milne, Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath were all published by Granta.

Since 1979, Granta has undergone a transformation to become a literary quarterly publicatio…

Sugar Smart more_vert

Britain’s kids consume almost three times more sugar than is healthy for them - and a lot of that sugar comes from sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks. Too much sugar causes tooth decay, and can lead to illnesses later in life, such as diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer.

Public Health England (or PHE) knew it was ti…