Fantastic achievement for CoDo team

It’s been quite a week at Innovation Park!

On Wednesday 6th March, the CoDo team at Vidatec joined Stirling Council at Church House, Westminster, London, to attend the annual iESE UK Public Sector Transformation Awards 2019. The awards celebrate innovation in transforming local public services amongst residents within communities.

Competing in the highly contested ‘Innovation Award’ category, the CoDo team were awarded ‘Silver’ for their pioneering participation in the Scottish Government’s innovative digital solutions programme, CivTech 2.0.

Like many local government organisations, Stirling Council is committed to protecting and improving the services it delivers to its constituents. Residents contact the Council in a variety of ways, communicating directly with a wide-range of staff across different departments.

One of the biggest challenge’s council workers face during these initial interactions is accessing details relating to that particular resident. The relevant information needed is often spread across multiple databases with each system struggling to communicate with one another, resulting in massive delays when collating the necessary information needed for a resident.

iESE Awards Finalist 2019

Through the CivTech project, the Council worked with Vidatec to develop the CoDo system. CoDo is a bespoke service management solution that is able to combine different platforms and databases under one intuitive view, enabling council workers to lodge a single request and offer a solution to residents, within three clicks – a dramatic improvement from the previous situation where it could take up to 60!

Not only has CoDo enabled the Council to improve resident engagements from initial enquiry to conclusion, but the financial savings have been equally impressive. The previous legacy system was costing the Council £3m per year; that figure has now dropped to £1.5m.

Waste management was the first department in Stirling Council to get the CoDo treatment and its outstanding success now means plans are underway to transforms all other departments across the Council over the next 18 months.

This award is a testament to the hard-work and collaboration undertaken by the CoDo team of Stirling Council and Vidatec. Collectively, we’re committed to delivering the best possible solutions for the residents of Stirling and can’t wait to get underway with the next steps of this exciting digital transformation.


Greig Johnston

Chief Executive, Vidatec