Building A Winning Culture At Work

1. Hire the right people

Hire for passion and commitment first, experience second, and credentials third. There is no shortage of impressive CVs out there, but you should try to find people who are interested in the same things you are. You don’t want to be simply a stepping stone on an employee’s journey toward his or her own (very different) passion.

2. Communicate

Once you have the right people, you need to sit down regularly with them and discuss what is going well and what isn’t. It’s critical to take note of your victories, but it’s just as important to analyse your losses. A fertile culture is one that recognizes when things don’t work and adjusts to rectify the problem. As well, people need to feel safe and trusted, to understand that they can speak freely without fear of repercussion.

3. Real ownership

The ultimate measure of commitment is achieved when people that work for your organization come to understand that they play a crucial role in creating the kind of company they want to work for—that the company is actually their most important product.

4. Allow for flexible schedules

Many employees don’t work a strict 9 to 5 day but put in their hours in ways that accommodate both their family and professional lives. Some come in early and leave early while others work what might be called a “split shift”. They work until mid-afternoon, spend some quality hours with their families and then jump back online after 8:00 pm. This doesn’t mean that they’re workaholics; merely that they’ve efficiently carved up their days to maximize their work and family time.