App Diversity

Mobile apps have many uses, they can do everything from helping you keep track of your budget, plan meetings or play games. In fact over half of smartphone and tablet users use their device to play games, and it seems like the amount of people that use their mobile phones for gaming are only increasing according to Nowadays it is just as common for the older generation to play games on their smartphones as it is for those around 20. In fact, gaming via smartphones and tablets has become so popular lately that it has been predicted that its revenues are going to overtake that of console games.

It is not difficult to make a guess as to why the habit of using gaming apps has become such a popular activity. Many of the gaming apps are free to download and are usually based on concepts that are fun and quick to get the hang of, making them easy to pick up and play at any moment. There are also a ton of uses for games that make them into more than something that can only be used to kill time with or become addictive to. There has been a lot of research made about all the positive effects that can come from using mobile games.

A German researcher, for example, found that playing a game for at least 30 minutes every day has the effect of increasing the brains capacity for memory, fine motor skills and strategic planning. For mobile gaming in particular it has been shown that it can have a very positive effect on learning. Indeed, there are several games that have been created for the explicit purpose of helping people learn new skills. Most of those apps may be aimed at kids but have the same capacity to stimulate learning in adults as well.

Personally I know of teachers who actively make use of gaming apps in the classroom as a way to encourage students to learn in new and creative ways. There are gaming apps that teaches about how to use fractions in math such as Slice Fractions, and even apps that teach programming concepts such as LightBot. There is little difference between these educational games and other more traditional ones. They are simple and easy to get the hang of and fun and rewarding to play. The fact you are picking up a new skill while playing them is an added bonus. It’s true that all things must be enjoyed in moderation, but with all the good things that can come from using game apps, there are few reasons not to try it out or even encourage it.



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