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Stirling Council

Stirling Council is the 9th largest council area in Scotland at almost 2,200 km2 and includes the full range of Scottish landscapes! From the urban areas such as the city of Stirling itself, through rural farmland and the beginning of the stunning Highlands, the council covers some of the most scenic areas in the country. Delivering effective services to it’s 94,000 residents is the council’s top priority

The Challenge

Like many local government organisations throughout the UK, Stirling Council is committed to protecting and improving the services it delivers to its residents - despite unprecedented financial, economic and demographic challenges.

One of the key challenges faced by the council is a need to update legacy IT systems that aren’t fit for purpose anymore, don’t take advantage of technology advances, or hold data across multiple systems that don’t communicate with each other effectively. Tackling these issues is an ongoing project for Stirling Council and they decided to take a department by department approach. Waste Management was selected as the first department to be tackled as a priority. The council was receiving a large number of calls from its residents into this department such as people not having enough bins, delayed collections, and residents raising concerns about unwanted waste in their neighbourhood.

These calls were handled by the contact centre operators using the council’s centralised system. This system was tied into several older legacy systems which didn’t communicate with each other, and so this often caused in delays in processing data efficiently. Often when a resident phoned the council, the contact centre operatives had 50 to 60 clicks to go through before they were able to access the customer information.

Because of these issues, the council felt that they were not delivering the service levels that their residents expected and were determined to change their systems and processes.

The Solution

Vidatec wanted to create a solution for the council that would redesign and transform the customer journey, from the moment residents lodged a request, right through to resolution. It also wanted to replace the old legacy IT system with a modern, easy to use, and personalised service which would allow the residents to receive the level of engagement that they needed. As well as this, Vidatec wanted to improve the user experience for the staff members too, so that they could learn to use the platform intuitively, giving residents a much more fluid and efficient experience when using the service.


Taking on board the challenges faced by the council and the goals of the project, Vidatec created CoDo, a bespoke service management solution that’s able to combine different platforms and databases into one single intuitive view, allowing the council to manage its citizens enquires. The call centre operatives are now able to lodge a single request and offer a solution much more effectively - on average with three clicks. This is a drastic improvement from the previous click through rate!

Not only has CoDo enabled the council to better understand their citizens’ journeys, from appointment to service delivery, it’s also delivered major financial gains. The previous legacy system cost the council an estimated £3m per year - the new system has dropped this cost to £1.5m. Having CoDo in place has also transformed the customer experience, giving members of the public a level of engagement that did not exist before the platform was developed. CoDo gives the council workers a golden view of its customers. In practice, this means that when a resident calls in to lodge a request, staff can see their full profile, location and contact history. This makes it easier for the council to forward the issue to the right department, allowing issues to be resolved much more speedily.


  • The platform has saved the council an estimated 1.5 million pounds
  • The click through rate has changed from 60 to 3
  • Provide a single ‘golden view’ of the customer
  • Streamline and improve customer service

The Customer Reaction

CoDo has helped us to solve one of the biggest issues we’ve had which is being able to engage with our citizens directly and handle their issues and requests effectively. It has allowed us to have a comprehensive yet single view of the customer, getting the data from legacy systems into one place and giving all of our customer service representatives at the Council access to the most relevant and real time information about our citizens.

Our relationship with Vidatec has transformed from supplier to a technology partner and we’re really excited to continue working together to transform the way the council handles its core operations.

Isabel McKnight - Chief Officer Strategic Commissioning & Customer Development

Building on the Result

One of the key successes for CoDo lies in the fact that it was developed in close collaboration with the council and its key staff members. Their early involvement meant that Vidatec was able to design an intuitive user experience that helped staff to solve issues and handle requests much more effectively. It also meant that they feel much more invested in the platform, because they have played a crucial role in its development.

Stirling Council has been so impressed with the impact that CoDo has had on its operations that it’s now given Vidatec the go ahead to transform all of its other departments over the next 18 months. Since CoDo was developed from scratch and can be personalised to almost any service, the council is looking to tackle different departments one by one in order to find the best possible solution to serve its residents in all different areas.


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