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Granta magazine was founded in 1889 by students at Cambridge University, and began life as a periodical of student politics, badinage and literary enterprise. Writers such as A.A. Milne, Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath were all published by Granta.

Since 1979, Granta has undergone a transformation to become a literary quarterly publication that also includes Grant Books, one of the most independent-minded and prestigious UK publishers. Each issue of Granta has a particular theme, drawing the attention of the world’s best writers to current social themes and concerns.

Vidatec have been working with Granta for several years and we were delighted to assist them when they identified a need to update their online presence and develop a tailored digital communication platform that is seamless between the web and mobile application.

The Challenge


Granta challenged us to develop a full and seamless digital communication platform to allow them to meet their particular requirements: delivering a platform to showcase the talents of independent, high-end authors, both new and established artists, and give their readers a superb immersive  experience. Their existing website was dated and not reflective of the values, ambition and curation that Granta has, redeveloping this was critical. It was important that the website was totally responsive to ensure a great experience on phone and tablet devices as well. On top of this, Granta also required a standalone quality native mobile app that would allow them to serve specially chosen content to their readers as well as providing another subscription channel to their magazine. Ensuring robust subscription and payment channels for the entire digital platform was another key aspect of the project.

What we did

This was a hugely exciting opportunity for the Vidatec team to work exceptionally closely with a creative and ambitious client.

We took a large proprietary system and reverse engineered it to deliver a bespoke multi-functional platform that really achieved their aim of attracting like-minded creators and consumers of the type of content that Granta are committed to distributing.

We built  them a platform that allowed them to source detailed metrics on the site’s usage and their participant demographics. And critically, the bespoke, dynamic and highly flexible nature of the CMS allows Granta to have granular control over all of the front end functionality without needing further technical input. 

The Result

The Granta mobile app has achieved everything they hoped for. The app is visually beautiful with an intuitive user experience. There has been a large increase in audience numbers, specifically in their target demographic, with a marked rise in subscriptions.

The app, along with the website redevelopment, has also lead to much more automation, simplifying content distribution and maintenance and easing the burden of physical processes and opened up new commercial channels.

We’re delighted that Granta are extremely happy with the outcome of their project, it was a pleasure for our creative team to work collaboratively with their counterparts at Granta.


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